Monday, July 26, 2010

Not knowing which WIP to work on

I recently finished my fifth revision on WIP #1, my MG Fantasy WIP. I determined to turn my attention to my YA paranormal (not vampires or werewolves!) WIP. It's still being written, so I decided I was going to finish it.

But then I had a burst of inspiration. That burst brought me a YA high fantasy story. However, I was determined to write my YA paranormal, so I recorded my idea - the basic plot, the characters, the query - and then put it away. I saved the idea for another time.

So then I turned back to my YA paranormal, until I received another burst of inspiration, this time for an MG science fiction story. This one I couldn't just put away, it was screaming at me. So I wrote the first two chapters.

This week on several blogs I read about YA books with male protagonists, and that made me want to work on a YA science fiction book I had saved away for a rainy day. I managed to stomp down on that feeling, leaving the work where it is - on my shelf.

With that desire gone, I turned back to my YA paranormal, until I read a couple of blogs that talked about the great desire editors have for good MG. This made me want to work on the MG science fiction story I had previously written the first two chapters in.

So now I'm in limbo, wanting to work on my MG science fiction, but knowing I should finish the YA paranormal first.

Am I the only one who is WIP ADD? Is there anyone else out there who sometimes finds it hard to focus on one story, especially after finishing up a major project?

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