Monday, July 12, 2010


The art of the query is something that eludes me. Once I've written a novel it's just so hard for me to turn it into a blurb. How can tens of thousands words be made into like 300? What if what I think is the cool attention getter in the story isn't what an agent thinks is cool? So much stress!

Recently I've taken to writing my query before I write the novel. In this method, I can't get bogged down in details because there are none. I think its working well, for the most part.

Unfortunately, the project I am currently revising and hoping to submit is not one I wrote the query before hand for. I'm really struggling with it. But maybe you can help!

I sent in my query to for a critique! Click THIS link and go help advise me on my query!

And yes, I use my real first name on that website. :)

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