Works in Progess

I'm really trying to overcome my writing ADD. It's hard to get anything done when you're hopping aroudn from story to story. However, writing a first draft and revising a story are two completely different things, and I love writing first drafts. It's hard for me to stop writing new stories just because something is in revision. So I try to have two works-in-progress (WIP) going at any time: (1) a WIP I'm revising and (2) a WIP I'm writing the first draft of.

I apologize for the descriptions being a little vague. A lot of these are first drafts. I'm more of a gardener (or pantser) than an architect (plotter)--which is ironic considering I'm an engineer--so I don't always know where my stories are going when I start them. Making it hard to write good log lines when I don't yet fully understand what the story is about.

Title Genre Progress Logline
Spirit Riddled MG Fantasy Revision 5 Complete:
50,000 words 
In a world where people with magical abilities are considered demon-possessed, a twelve-year-old girl must overcome her fear of her own power to save herself and the man who took her off the streets.
Mind Trick YA Dark Contemporary Fantasy Revision 3 Complete: 81,000 words
Seventeen-year-old Chris is the only Norm in his wizard family, until an amulet grants him magic. When confronted about his unnatural powers, he must choose between betraying friends for power or losing power for friends.
Circles  YA Contemporary Fantasy First Draft: 37,000 words All's fair in love and war...
Gently Down the Stream YA Horror First Draft: 10,000 words