Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nerd Mecca aka ComicCon

I am a nerd. There is no denying it, and I'm actually quite proud of it. A man once said to me, "I don't think your a nerd." To which I promptly responded, "Don't insult me."

I have only been to 2 SF/F conventions, or rather the same one twice, Dragon*Con. I have loved it every time I have gone and plan to go again this year. Cons are so much fun. It's hard to explain to someone who has never been and who isn't a nerd the level of awesomeness. We might be nerds, geeks, and dorks, but by golly we're proud of it.

So last week was ComicCon, which is pretty much the con to end all cons. Granted, ComicCon has gone pretty mainstream of late, much to nerds across the nation's dismay, but it still has more than enough nerd attractions for the likes of me. One of my life goal's is to one day be invited to ComicCon as a guest. That would be the height of awesomeness.

Usually I can ignore the fact that ComicCon is happening, and therefore, don't feel very jealous. This year, however, a couple of my acquaintances via Facebook were in attendance and continually updating their statuses.

As I read updates about meeting David Weber, Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, and Patrick Rothfuss, envy filled me. Nerd Mecca was happening and I wasn't there!

It also didn't help that cnn.com kept posting articles about ComicCon, too.

Well, I wasn't there, and there isn't much point to this post, outside of jealousy. Granted this is an engineering Tuesday so it should have some sort of engineering application.

Yes, I am a nerd, but not all engineers are. Most of the guys in my office would scoff at the idea of ComicCon, and they pretty much think its ridiculous that I attend Dragon*Con, even if they do watch Doctor Who and Eureka. I was skeptical of conventions, too, until I attended Dragon*Con for the first time.

And yes, attending has brought me to a new level of nerd, but hey, I don't care. I'm a nerd. I embrace it.

So did you go to ComicCon? Do you attend any other cons, like Dragon*Con? Is anyone else out there as jealous as I am of the people who did attend ComicCon?

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