About Me

I'm an engineer living in Albuquerque, NM who likes to add stress to her life by writing novels. Woohoo!

I claim that I'm from "the United States in general" because I've lived everywhere from Florida to Hawaii, but never north of San Francisco. I guess at heart I'm a Florida girl, since I attended high school in Orlando, FL, but I went to Georgia Tech for six years which makes it the longest I've ever lived anywhere. Sometimes, I think of Atlanta as home and sometimes Orlando. Basically, I'm just confused.

I'm not sure when I started writing, but when I was in the second grade I distinctly remember one of my friends writing a story about bunnies. I thought that was a nifty idea so I wrote my own story about bunnies, but for some reason I wrote it on paper plates. My teacher saw me sharing my story with my friend and looked through it. Thus, my life changed. Our school had a "book publication" system, where students wrote stories and made them into these really cool laminated construction paper books that we also illustrated. My book in the second grade wasn't very good, but my third grade story about a witch substituting our class garnered some notice. Ever since then, I've been writing. Mainly novels. Mainly really long. But I can't stop. Asking me to stop writing is like asking me to stop breathing, as I'm sure other writers reading this understand.

Why am I an engineer when I also want to be a published writer? Well there are many reasons I wanted to become an engineer, check out this post for one of the main reasons why, but really long story short, I wanted to be Geordi LaForge when I grew up

So I'm an engineer and a writer, but also a Christian. However, that deserves it own tab.