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As a self proclaimed geek, there are many geeky things I love, and I love nothing more than to share those geeky things with other people. So here are a couple of links to some posts that talk about different geeky things. I have a tendency to talk use different geek things to make a point on other geek things, so some posts are double posted under different topics. (Example: Sisyphean Ambition references both Star Wars and the movie Thor extensively, so it's listed under both Star Wars and Loki Laufeyson).

Also a note on the order posts are listed under headings, it's chronological. So oldest posts are listed first and newest posts are listed last. 

My Top Five Favorite SF Things
My Top Five Favorite Fantasy Things (Upcoming)

Favorite Books: the Explanation
Favorite "Genre" Books 
Favorite  "Classic" Books

Doctor Who
Dragon*Con Survival Guide:
The Dragonriders of Pern
Harry Potter
Loki (Marvel)
Star Wars
Star Trek
Wheel of Time

Where to Start:

Concerning Being a Geek:

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