Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Book Review: The City of Ember

Title: The City of Ember
Author: Jeanne DuPrau
Genre: Dystopian (MG)
Length: 270

Quality Rating: 8
Content Rating: PG

The city of Ember is underground, and the resources left by the Builders are dwindling. Ember is dying. When Lina finds a half chewed document, she begins to think there might be something outside of the darkness around Ember, maybe another city. And her friend Doon helps her seek out the answers. This was a fantastic read that I could not put down. Our two heroes are far from perfect kids, in fact their desire for glory leads to many problems with their plan to save Ember. I was definitely able to relate to their desire for glory and credit, and all the problems it caused them. I also found Ember to be an intriguing setting, a fascinating idea. Ember is a perfect example of a book where the setting almost seems to be a character.

This book is PG. It explores the idea that authority figures can be corrupt and a cause of problems, which is something that parents of younger aged readers should be aware of. But other than that, violence was non-existent, except for some threat of being trampled, and there wasn't even a whiff of romance or bad language. So it's almost G.

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