Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Upcoming Semester

So this is my first post in the month of August, even though we're eight days in, and I only posted 10 times in July. I'm not doing well as a consistent blogger. There are many reasons for it. My life is crazy. Between work, my other blog, and research for school, I have little time. That and I like to read. Reading takes up a lot of time. This week I've been at home, transitioning between work and school. Next week won't be any better because I move in to my apartment on Monday, don't get internet until Tuesday, and then go to Utah on Wednesday. I don't come back from that until Saturday. So there is little hope of me posting next week either. I know, I know. I'm a lousy blogger.

However, as soon as the craziness subsides, I promise I will start blogging regularly. It will help that more exciting things will happen to me when the school year starts. I'll have more things to talk about. I'm already excited about football season, Dragon*Con, and a semester of infinite possibilities. Be prepared for me to start blogging about querying agents (gasp! Exciting I know) and blogging about my horrid classes (I don't forsee aeroelasticity being any fun).

I will also start rereading the Wheel of Time this semester. My new hardback copy of The Eye of the World arrived earlier this month. You will get my reactions to events in the story as I reread and of course I'll write book reviews for each book.

So for the next week you may not see too many entries from me. I mean, I know they have internet in Utah - it's not like I'm going to Antarctica, but it's the Small Satellite Conference. I don't predict I'll have a lot of free time. And this time, I promise not to break my foot while in another state.

So if you're anxious for some posts from me, don't be. And if you just can't wait, read my other blog instead. I promise you its worth your while.

I hope everyone out there is having a great August, and that any transitions they may have are going much more smoothly.

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