Monday, August 17, 2009

Unexpected Occurances

Today was the first day of classes here at Georgia Tech, and let me tell you it has been a day of quite unexpected occurrences. I have a class this semester that is notorious for being extremely difficult and being taught by the scariest professors. The professor I had signed up for had not taught this class for as long as anyone could remember. My friends and I have no idea how having this professor is going to be, but we were all just grateful we did not have one of the scary professors.

It was my first class today. My friends and I found seats, near the front but not too near. We were all talking and busy catching up when a professor walked down the aisle. The talking died down and whispers immediately ensued. Standing at the front of the room was not the eighty-year-old male professor we had been expecting but a female professor. There are only two female professors in my major at Tech, and this one is the one known for being perhaps the scariest woman to ever walk the earth.

"Is that Dr. Scary?" I whispered. (Name replaced to protect me from Dr. Scary's wrath of course). "What is she doing here? I thought we dodged the bullet on this!"

"Maybe they changed it at the last moment?" my friend responded worriedly.

"It's Dr. Scary!" one of my friends who sat in front of me leaned back and whispered. "What the heck?"

"Good morning," Dr. Scary said, and silence immediately fell over the class. The fear was thick in the air. Luckily for us, Dr. Scary explained that she was only substituting, that our normal lecturer would be back, eventually. Unfortunately, she is guest lecturing for the next three weeks.

That is far from the only occurrence that happened that I did not quite expect. This semester is definitely not starting as I thought it would. First off, my roommate's dog bit me, and we had to give her back to the people my roommate had gotten her from. That was really sad, but we could not have a dog that would bite. So we got a new dog, and he's very cute. He's a lab/italian greyhound mix. He's very small and very quite. I have yet to hear him bark once, which is awesome.

Another unexpected occurrence that sort of has me down references two past posts. The boy I have had a ridiculous crush on for like the past year, who I've called Josh in this post, is apparently dating someone else. It's not on facebook and I did not hear it from him, but my source was very reliable. This crush of mine who is two years older than me is apparently dating someone two years younger than me.

I'm ok. I'm used to such disappointments when it comes to boys, but it is a disappointment. The girl he is now dating is a girl I suspected he liked last year, but after talking to her and him (I'm friends with both), and the way they behaved, I did not think they did like each other. So it's sort of like I was expecting it, convinved myself not to expect it, and now its real.

But that's life. You have to accept things and move on. All of the unexpected occurances are a part of life. Whether its a scary professor or a disappointing crush, it's a part of life. You learn from it and continue with life.

I hope everyone else out there who is starting school is having a good time and taking their unexpected occurances in stride. I hope you're doing it better than I am.

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