Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Book Review: Judas Unchained

Book Title: Judas Unchained
Author: Peter F. Hamilton
Genre: Science Fiction
Length: 1008

Quality Rating: 8
Content Rating: R

The conclusion to Pandora's Star was every bit as epic as the first book. Because it is a second book, the dozens of characters are easier to handle. When a reader starts Judas Unchained they already know all the characters. It also helps that the character's story lines begin to merge and combine as they all begin to work for a common cause: saving humanity. As the title insinuates, traitors are hidden within this epic, revealed in the most horrifying of ways. For more well read readers, these traitors or "agents" are easier to spot, but that does not mean their unveiling does not hold surprises. Because the novel is a conclusion to a two part series, the entire second half of the book is climactic, building and building and building. If the end seemed a little anti-climatic it's because after 300 pages of climax, nothing can compare. However, I found the ending to be very satisfactory. I felt most, if not all, of the story lines were wrapped up well, leaving few loose threads. This book was definitely worth the read, despite its length.

I rate this book an 'R' on probably every level. Excessive use of the 'f' word, intense and sometimes descriptive sci-fi action/violence. Sometimes the sexual content was PG-13, but there were a few cases where there was too much description, pushing the rating up to an R.

Judas Unchained was a more than worthy conclusion to Pandora's Star. I would recommend these two books to any of my friends who enjoy science fiction, especially classic science fiction. The story was truly epic.

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