Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Week!

(So I ended up adding a new chapter to my WIP that involved a new kiss scene. If you'd like to check it out, go here. I'm entry #2).

Happy Valentine's Week! YAY! That means all posts this week are love themed! *blows kisses to everyone*

You may ask why I'm so happy about it being Valentine's Week. As a female with no significant other, I should be lamenting or something, right? Because you know, woe is me that I don't have a guy in my life or whatever. Except, there is one critical piece of information you don't have. And that is....

So boyfriend or no, I consider myself the sacred keeper of this holiday. Like a modern day Cupid, I like to spend my Valentine's Day handing out geeky Valentines (this year it's Avengers, last year it was Star Wars), lots of candy, and helping my guy friends out who are completely clueless on what to do for their girlfriends on this "fake holiday". (Seriously people, can we stop with the fake holiday business? Yes, companies use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to sell candy and flowers, and I'm sure restaurants live for this day, but Valentine's Day has been a long much longer than half of the other holiday's we celebrate. So if by a "made up holiday" you mean Valentine's Day was made up by the Romans, then yes, keep calling it that. Otherwise, yellow card for not knowing Valentine's Day's historical context).

Anyway, this week I turn 26!!! Which makes me solidly in my mid-twenties *gasp*. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm pretty sure last time I checked I was nineteen, but it'll be interesting to see where this next year of life takes me. I'm hoping this is the year Mandy gets an agent, but we'll see. Fingers crossed guys, fingers crossed.

For this week posts are going to be about love! Sort of. Rather it's going to be about how I come up with the love stories/interests for my fictional characters and stuff like that. So look forward to that!

If you're new to this post and interested in posts I've written about fictional love on V-Day weeks past, here are some links for you: my favorite fictional couples and my fictional crush!

Happy Valentine's Week! 

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