Friday, February 1, 2013

Monday, Monday, Monday!

I have this new awesome critique partner, Jamie. You should visit her blog. Like me she's an aerospace engineer who aspires to be a published author, and we're at very similar places in our writing journey. Already she's proved invaluable on helping me with my query, first 50 pages, and synopsis (especially my synopsis, she's a synopsis wizard), but most relevantly to this post, her boldness in entering several recent blog competitions has inspired me. So because of her amazing example, I am in Cupid's Blind Speed Dating contest (which is actually a writing and not a romance contest).

I mention this because sometime on Monday my first 250 words and my query will be going up on Cupid's site. I will definitely link it here, especially since I've tweaked my query and first 250 words since I last posted it last Friday (once again due to the awesome feedback of my amazing critique partners, like Jamie). Update: Link to my entry at Cupid here! But I also mention all of this because there is a second part of Cupid's contest, and that is Kissing Scene Competition.

The Kissing Scene is working as a blog hop, so I'll be posting my Kissing Scene here on Monday. We're allowed to post 350 words plus a lead in entry. I don't consider myself amazing at writing kissing scenes, and my main narrator is a boy who's personality doesn't exactly lend him to writing odes about kissing, but regardless, I'm in the competition. So my scene will be posted here.

Because the Kissing Scene judging will run most of the week, there will not be a new post on Wednesday. But I will post on Friday. That's a promise. As in, I already wrote and scheduled it, so it's going to happen whether I want it to or not.

I hope you guys will read over both of my entries and let me know what you think. Publishing is a tough business and I appreciate all of your thoughts, whether you're a writer or a reader.

And wish me luck on this journey to publication. I think this manuscript might be "the one". At least, after many reads, revisions, and edits, I'm still in love with it and it's characters. And I think you might like it too.

So drop by on Monday and see my kissing scene. I'll also post the link to my query and first 250. 

And if you're a writer there is still room in Cupid's contest. So head over there and sign up!   

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  1. YAY! You are invaluable too! I'm glad the powers that be brought us together! I've got my fingers crossed for you next week :D