Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cosplay at Dragon*Con

The cosplay at Dragon*Con this year was once again phenomenal. First we're going to cover how my costumes turned out and then I'm going to put up some pictures of my favorites!

So my steampunk costume from last year fared well this year with one exception. I broke my fascinator. I got it all the way from Albuquerque to Atlanta and then broke it at the Atlanta Airport Marta Station, when I tripped. It fell out of my hands and the gear box exploded everywhere. Luckily, I was able to salvage it using my friend Allison's superglue. So though it looks correct in the picture, it doesn't actually tell time. The hands are just glued on. Despite that, I still got a ton of compliments. People loved the fascinator.

Also, I did manage to find an awesome pocket watch. You can totally see the gears and it's windup so I don't have to deal with batteries any more. Yay!

So the steampunk costume went well. And my Loki costume was awesome. There were a lot of Loki's run around, but most were Avengers Loki, and none were trying to cosplay the specific outfit that I was. So it was nice to be a little bit different. So below are two pictures of it. One is with me holding the jacket/vest back so you can see the under tunic and how it looks. The second is with me holding the throwing knives.
So yay! There were two other days of the con, but for those I didn't cosplay. I just dressed geeky. Geeky t-shirts, geeky skirts, etc. 

So what cosplay did I find particularly impressive at the con? Well this Iron Man was really impressive. He might as well have stolen it off of the set, it was so awesome. It was made of metal and he could still walk in it. It was truly fantastic.

Also, I saw these fantastic Evening Wear Avengers. These ladies made these dresses themselves, and really, you could wear a lot of them on the red carpet.

This cosplay of Rand al'Thor and his ladies from the Wheel of Time series was truly fantastic. The Aviendha was actually part of the seperate group, but the lady dressed as Elayne completely made her dress and her husband's (the guy dressed as Rand) jacket. Including the embroidery. It's just beautiful.

Steampunk-wise, here are some great outfits, starting right off with a steampunk flux capacitor.

And to finish off, a completely ridiculous and yet awesome Loki. You're welcome.

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