Monday, September 24, 2012

Avengers Assemble!

In honor of The Avengers, finally coming out on DVD this week (which I will be buying and watching over and over and over and over again), I present to you How It Should Have Ended.

If you haven't been watching HISHE, you should. Seriously, these videos are the best thing ever. They never fail to make me laugh and whenever a new one comes out, my colleagues at work and I huddle around my computer and watch it. And we laugh hysterically and quote it non-stop for the next week.

So, below are the How It Should Have Ended videos for all the Phase 1 Marvel movies (or at least, all the ones they made a video for), and then the last one is the Avengers.

Iron Man:


Captain America:

And finally, The Avengers:

You're welcome.

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