Friday, June 19, 2009

Implications of a phone call

I like nice boys, but they drive me crazy.

Josh called as he promised yesterday. He called me shortly after seven, since I told him to call me between six and eight. We then proceeded to talk for an hour.
I will admit I’m quite the talker and probably did most of the talking, but Josh did his fair share of adding to the conversation. We had not seen each other since school was out so there was a lot of catching up to do. It was a pleasant conversation. My question is: what does it mean?

The only person I regularly talk to for an hour is my super awesome best friend. She’ll call and we’ll talk until one of has to go somewhere. It’s great. It’s awesome. Then again, she is super awesome, so that makes sense. She’s also my best friend and girl. Hence, there are no implications to the conversation except she is my best friend.

When my mentee and I talk we might talk for an hour as well. We don’t talk as regularly as my super awesome best friend and I do so there is some catching up involved. However, my mentee and I have a relationship based on talking for an hour. At school we got together once a week for an hour and half. We talk about life, God, the books I write, the books we read, and anything else in between. I’m her mentor. It’s my job to talk to her. Once again, no implications to the conversation then we’re an awesome mentor/mentee pair.

But when a boy I happen to like very much calls me randomly and talks to me for hour, I wonder what the implications are. I have a lot of really good guy friends. It comes from going to a school that is 75% male. My guy friends and I can carry on long conversations in person or we can carry on long drawn out AIM conversations. However, none of them has ever called me for anything longer than a five minute “Where are you? Why aren’t you here yet?” kind of call.

Why did Josh call me? It was mentioned that he had been hanging out with the youth at our church a few weeks ago. Josh and I were both leaders at our church’s Disciple Now event in April. He had high school boys and I had high school girls. The high school girls and I got into this very long in-depth conversation about space one night. Apparently when Josh was hanging out with the youth they were watching Contact. This reminded one of the high school girls about the conversation we had and she brought me up in conversation. This reminded Josh to my existence I supposed and I guess incited the thought “I should call Bittersweet.”

That’s nice. Really. I appreciate the call. I’m glad he thought of me and wondered how I was doing. But what are the implications of our hour long conversation? What are the implications of him actually calling me when any of my other guy friends would have been satisfied with a “how you doing” message on my facebook wall? So I’ve created a list of possible implications.

1) He just really likes to talk on the phone.

I have no record or experience that would tell me whether this is true. Josh and I generally always talk in person. I would drop by his office and waste time until my next class. The only time he ever called me was when he was picking me up for something and needed to know where I was.

2) He realized he really misses me as a friend.

This is a possibility. A lot of Josh’s friends have graduated recently and we became better friends because of it. As I mentioned before I used to drop by his office and talk to him. Maybe he discovered that he misses my friendly endless chatter. Therefore, he called me so that I could for an hour and make him feel like he still has friends.

3) He’s just a really nice guy and felt bad for not keeping up with my better because we’re friends.

Josh is a really nice guy. He’s very considerate and all that jazz. It’s possible when I was mentioned at this youth event he was plagued with guilt. I’ve been gone for a month, someone he considers his friend, and he had not made any attempt to contact me. As a really nice guy, this would bother him. Therefore, to assuage his guilt he would talk to me for an hour, as if making up for the emails and facebook messages he should have been sending me for the past month.

4) He discovers he really does miss me, as possibly something more than a friend.

I’ll admit I love this one. During the time I’ve been gone he’s discovered that his life is slightly emptier. When I was mentioned at the youth event, pain gripped his heart that he had not spoken to me in so long. He misses me and just wants to hear my happy, often sarcastic voice. Thoughts of me being something more than a friend are slowly drifting into his head.

5) He has discovered he adores me undyingly.

Ok, ok. I’ll admit. This is most definitely not true. However, it’s still nice to think that the possibility mentioned in number 4 has gone a little further. It’s nice to think that maybe he has developed a ridiculous adolescent crush on me just like I have a ridiculous adolescent crush on him. I’m not crazy. I know this has probably not happened, but hey, a girl can dream.

I don’t which of these implications is the right one (other than number 5 is not right). However, as a girl, these are the sort of things that go through my head after such a phone call. So if I have any readers of the male persuasion, let this be a warning to you. Girls think too much. We will twist any little occurrence into a sign of your affection for us. So be up front. Don’t let us figure out what it means. Tell us what it means. And if you call a girl and talk to her for an hour, you better believe she’s going to think you like her.

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  1. Being upfront about things takes all the fun and romance out of things (assuming he likes you). Don't try to figure him out, because guys and girls think in completely different ways. You're placing your female logic into a male's head and the majority of the time that ends up being wrong because different genders view relationships SOOOOO differently.

    If he likes you, he will eventually let you know. Be patient. Don't try to figure it out.