Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm back!

Couples Cosplay! Agent Coulson and Captain America!
My dear, loyal readers, after over a year and a half hiatus from this blog I am back!

Why gone so long? Well a combination of factors related to work and some extracurricular church type activities but mostly because...well, I met a boy.

In July 2014 I started dating a guy and well what do you know? Now we're married!

We've been married for almost four months now, and life is starting to settle down again! Instead of spending all my spare time driving between his house and mine, or packing/unpacking my things as we move houses, or just setting up house and trying to figure out how to live with another human being again, I can actually spend my spare time doing the things I used to do! Like social media! And blogging!!!

So I'm back!

Now I know with the exception of one summer where I actually blogged every other day, my blogging has been pretty sporadic. So I'm not going to make any grand promises of some sort of rigorous schedule. However, I'm going to try to post every Tuesday and Thursday. (Try being the key word.) For the next few weeks, the Thursday posts are going to be a little "throwback Thursday." But instead of throwing back to posts on this blog, I'm going to be posting some things I posted on my tumblr during the hiatus. 

Why the re-post? Well it's really difficult to find things on tumblr, and these are posts I would like to have chronicled on this blog for easier access. The majority of them are going to be character meta type posts--you know, lengthy discussions on fictional characters. I've got at least a month's worth of these type posts lined up. 

On the original side, I hope to at least once a month talk about the comics I'm reading--what's currently on my pull list, what I'm adding, and what I'm taking off. I also want to do occasional highlights of specific comics, like say a whole article on why the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is in fact unbeatable and awesome and you should be reading it.

And of course there will be a lot of random posts about everything that strikes my fancy! I'm currently watching all of the X-Files for the first-ish time. I'm SUPER PUMPED for Civil War and will undoubtedly have a lot of feels about it. It's almost summer, which means it's almost time for DragonCon cosplay prep! And heck, there are even some crazy home improvement projects were doing that I will undoubtedly report here, because that's the kind of person I am. 

So yeah, the long and the short of it is I'm back!!!!! I'm looking forward to blogging again. I've missed this. And I'm happy to be back. 


  1. Congratulations on your marriage! We've talked through twitter some time ago, when you and Michael had a podcast. Though I'm still hopefully waiting for you guys to return, I started reading The Wheel of Time books and am now over 20% on book 5! It's really an amazing world that Jordan creates. Welcome back!

    1. Thank you!

      Our podcast may actually be returning. Keep an eye on twitter--though I'll also cross post it here. Michael and I actually recorded several episodes over the past year, we just haven't had time to edit, but they are being edited so fingers crossed they'll be up soon.

      AND YAY WHEEL OF TIME! I will warn you that books 6-9 can get slow, but I promise you if you push through it will all be worth it in the end. :)

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    3. Yeah, a friend who also heavily recommeneded me th series said something very similar.One thing is bothering me though, why do the girls (Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne) always get kidnapped? This happens at least one in each book so far.

      ps. I removed the last comment because I couldn't edit it ;-)

    4. I don't want to spoil anything, but let's just say it's not only ladies who get kidnapped. Maybe just the ladies early on. :)

  2. Late to the party here, but congratulations! Been following you since I ran across your WoT posts a few years back, and I come back to check in once in a blue moon (so once or twice a year?). Loved your take on them, especially the "Androl & Pevara" tagline. Also wish there could have been a (short) series about JUST the two of them, since the fourth age will likely still need them.