Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Library!!!

(I know I promised it on Friday, when this post went up early, but here  it is finally.)

So my post of my favorite series is coming. I promise it's coming. But I haven't gotten around to writing it up yet. In the meantime, I worked on something that you might enjoy.

This is a little different. It's sort of a video blog post. Basically one of my friends (shout-out, Alisha!) mentioned she would like to see what my library looks like in my house. And since she doesn't live local to me, that's sort of difficult. So I recorded a video of me talking about my library.

It's a little on the long side because when I talk about books, I could talk forever. It's 35 minutes all together, though I've had to break it up into multiple parts because of Blogger's finicky ways. I don't actually appear in the video, just my books. So yeah, if you have time check it out, if not no worries. I totally understand.

I also apologize for any mispronunciations of anything. When you learn most of the words you know from books, it means you don't know how to say half of them.

So I tried to break the videos at logical points. They range from four minutes long to ten minutes long. Enjoy!

Part 1: Intro and my Non-Fiction Section

Part 2: Brandon Sanderson, The Wheel of Time, and Signed Books

Part 3: Adult Books
Note: Let me apologize right now in advance for pronouncing Miss Marple as Miss Maple. Just goes to show how much I dislike Miss Marple. 

Part 4: Foreign Language Books, Movies, the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and Comics/Graphic Novels

Part 5: Unread Books

Part 6: YA and MG Books

That's it! You survived to the end!!! Hope you enjoyed this tour of my library!

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