Thursday, May 24, 2012

Late Post Today


I know I've been very flaky in the past, but I promise you there will be a post today. I just forgot to write it in advance, so I'll have to write it up after work today. Luckily for me, it's a post I've been thinking about for a while now with this whole Loki series, so it shouldn't take me too long. But I do live in mountain time, so it might seem really late to those of you on the eastern side of the world. I apologize, but I don't get off work until like six-thirty eastern time, (which of course is a nice early four-thirty my time).

Anyway, today I will talk about the prodigal son story, something I don't often do because I have really strong feelings about it. But these strong feelings have been put into perspective by me watching the movie Thor. So look forward to it. :)

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