Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ode to Borders

If you follow the publishing industry or books much, then you know that Borders has recently declared bankruptcy. This greatly distresses me because I love Borders. In fact, I adore Borders. So today I present my ode to Borders, written in multiple stanzas of haiku:

Rows and rows of books
and books. Glistening covers
that beckon my eye.

I pick an aisle
and walk trailing my hand on
spines, feeling titles.

I look over the
tops of shelves and see genres.
So many choices.

Need assistance? No
Thank you. I can find my way.
I’m glad they offer.

I find my section.
Science Fiction/Fantasy.
Old friends, maybe new.

order just seems right. I know
my way to fav’rites.

Ender’s Game? Brandon
Sanderson? They have them all.
I breathe in the joy.

Yes, these are my friends:
Ender and Vin. But new ones
await. What to choose?

I peruse with joy
to the smell of coffee and
new books. I love it.

Please, Borders, don’t die.
You mean so much to me. Not
just books. But more too.

Evening meetings with
my mentor, studying God’s
Word while drinking tea.

Hours with my friends
talking about books we love
and ones we want too.

I discovered new
books on your shelves. New friends I
took home to join mine.

Please, Borders, don't die
or I'll loose my escape from

One day I hope to
see my own books on your shelves
discovering friends.

I hear the news, but
I won't lose hope. I have faith
Borders will still live.

I will buy books from
you. I will buy coffee too.
You will live for me.

Please, Borders, don't die.
I need books to love so please,
please, Borders, don't die.


  1. Borders what happened?
    You have so much to offer.
    Where will I go now?

    My family loves
    to hang out and read your books.
    Our one tradition.

    Borders what happened?
    People need you in their lives -
    We will revive you.

  2. Glad to see I'm not alone in my love of Borders and haiku. Hopefully, if all of us Borders lovers band together, we can save it!