Friday, September 3, 2010

I feel famous

My dear blog readers, today something completely unbelievable has happened.

A guest post I wrote is being featured on Stuff Christians Like.

*passes out*

I promise I'm not quite as funny as the blog post. The blog writer, Jon Acuff, did change a few things. He's a little more in touch with pop culture than I am. BUT I would say 95% of the text was written by me.



So please go read it. The link is here.

Which means someone thinks I'm funny. Odd. Usually not the adjective people use to describe me. But still VERY EXCITING.

And I do really love handbells. And I am totally the mercenary.


  1. Funny stuff. Hopefully, he'll fix the link to get over here, it's a bit wonky... but I managed ;)
    Keep on playin' those handbells, sistah! We need more of you :)

  2. Fine job on the guest post today. And the list even had seven points, like all good SCL lists do.

    One question though: why do rocket scientists get all the credit? Surely there are a bunch of engineers who work on the rockets too. Why does no one use the term "rocket engineer"?

    Okay, that was two questions.

  3. I loved your post over at SCL! So very true ... laughed out loud and passed along to all my handbell friends ... wow, that kinda sounded dorky. Great post!

  4. Thanks guys!

    And "Some Guy", I am actually an Aerospace Engineer. Which is technically a rocket scientist. Aerospace Engineer is the technical name for people who work on airplanes, helicopters, rockets, satellites, etc. For more information on aerospace engineering, check out my engineering related blogposts or my "engineering spotlights".

    And honestly, no one in the field uses the term "rocket scientist". It's just the term the layman usually recognizes. I think the fame of it has something to do with Werner von Braun and his work and popularity. Hope that answers your questions! Feel free to ask more if I didn't though.

    And really thank you guys for the support and loving my post!

  5. I enjoyed your post very much, except for one thing... I'm originally from MA and I played in 2 choirs (in the same town!!) for many years. Yes, I was the mercenary then!

    Now I'm the Director!! Bwahahahahaha!!!

  6. Ladybug Crossing,

    I never had any doubts that there were handbells across the nation. That was Jon's comment in the italics. My family has lived all over the nation and we always play handbells in the churches we go to.

    Glad to see I'm not the only mercenary out there! And keep on directing!

  7. BRAVO! I really am LOL-ing. Really. Because I never say LOL unless I am. Never been in a handbell choir, but I've observed them over the years. And I think your categories are pretty accurate. Following you now and look forward to reading more. :)

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