Friday, August 24, 2012

What I'm Watching: Web Series

I've only recently started watching a handful of web series, and all of them are thanks to Felecia Day. Not that I've met her, rather, I have at Dragon*Con in the past, but I mean not that I have a personal relationship with her and she was like, "Hey, you should watch this show." Rather, I became aware of Geek and Sundry through, which ran an article about Geek and Sundry right when it started.

I had known about the Guild but I had never watched it before. Then through Geek and Sundry I did, and I loved it. I watched all five seasons that were available, and then watched season 6 as it aired. The Guild is about a group of gamers who plays a World of Warcraft esque game, and the hijinks that begin to ensue when they start actually meeting each other in person. It has a lot of gaming humor that the layman may not get, but I'm not much into gaming, and I still found it to be highly enjoyable. I suggest giving the entire first season a watch, it's only about 45 minutes long all together, episode one alone is below and it's only a few minutes long.

Through Geek and Sundry I also started to watch Felecia Day's weekly video blog (known as The Flog) and Wil Wheaton's show TableTop, a show about tabletop gaming. Neither is a fiction show but both are highly enjoyable.  

The next two shows are both fiction shows that I learned about through the Flog. The first is called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice in the modern day, as if Lizzie was a real person with a video blog. I absolutely love this show. Each episodes it only about three minutes long and they air new episodes every Monday and Thursday. You would think it might get boring, and just be Lizzie talking at a camera the entire time, but that's not how it goes at all. We're currently on episodes like 35 and we've seen Jane, Lydia, Mary, Charlotte, Bingley (known as Bing Lee), his sister, and Mr. Collins all on the show. So far only Darcy and Wickham have yet to make personal appearances (though they have both been referenced many times). It's a highly enjoyable show and I eagerly anticipate each new episode. It's pretty much the first thing I do when I get home from work every Monday and Thursday: download and watch the latest episode. You can watch episode 1 below. 

The other show I watch is called "Save the Supers" and it's essentially the Justice League meets The Office. It's about a group of super heroes, called the Super Force. They presumably fight evil, but the show is about the stuff that goes on in the background of that. The major issue of this season is budget cuts, since presumably super heroes do have to get paid to continue doing what they're doing. The Super Force is obviously a parody of the Justice League since the heroes are World Man (Superman), Night Knight (Batman), Merman (Aquaman), Morph Man (the Green Lantern), and Elementra (Wonder Woman). I think it's pretty funny, but if you're not a fan of superheroes, it probably wouldn't interest you.There are only four episodes so far, so there isn't a huge backlog to catch up on.

So there you have it! The online shows I watch. How about you, dear Reader? Are there any online shows that you watch and think are awesome? If so, please share in the comments below!

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