Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Countdown to Dragon*Con: My Schedule

Countdown: 1 day

So other than stalking Richard Dean Anderson and Brandon Sanderson, where will I be this weekend at Dragon*Con? Excellent question!

I love Dragon*Con but not just for the big panels. A lot of fun happens in the small fan panels. Below is my rough draft of my schedule, which is subject to change at a moment's notice at any moment when actually at the con. :)


Note: the great thing about Friday is that it's fairly low attendance, especially in the morning. So any big panels on Friday are ones you should go to and will probably get good seats in them. Or at least be in the same room.

10:00 am        The Torchwood PanelHyatt Centenial I-III
11:00 am The Richard Dean Anderson Panel Queue     Outside of the Marriott Atrium Ballroom
1:00 pm The Richard Dean Anderson PanelMarriott Atrium Ballroom
2:30 pmThe Lt. Uhura PanelSheraton Grand Ballroom A-F
4:00 pmThe Firefly PanelWestin Peachtree Ballroom A-F
5:30 pmLooney Theories (WoT)Westin Roswell 1-2
8:30 pmWriter's Track/Gods and Goddesses
YA Track/Beyond Hunger Games
Hyatt Embassy D-F
Marriott A707

And I will probably go to bed early on Friday, because Saturday is going to be a crazy long day!


Note: This is hands down the most crowded day of the con.
10:00 am        The ParadePeachtree St.
11:30 am The Eureka Panel    Hyatt Centenniel II-III
1:00 pm Remembering Anne McCaffrey
Cabin in the Woods
Hyatt Hanover C-E
Westin International DE

2:30 pmWhich? Where? What's Coming?Marriott A704
4:00 pmThe Connor Trinneer PanelSheraton Capitol Ballroom
5:30 pmThe TNG PanelSheraton Grand Ballroom A-F
7:00 pmComing Soon (in books)Marriott A707
10:00 pmHeroes and Villains BallSheraton Grand Ballroom A-F


Note:This day will be almost as crowded as Saturday.
10:00 am        Timey Wimey Literary Stuff Hyatt Greenbriar
11:30 am Whedon Universe Countdown        
Book Club-Ender's Game 
Westin International DE
Marriott A707
1:00 pmIn line for Supergate IVOutside of Hyatt Centennial II-III

2:30 pmSupergate IVHyatt Centennial II-III
4:00 pmThe Memory of Light PreviewWestin Atlanta Ballroom
5:00 pmDinner with my Parents
7:00 pmRobert Jordan's LegacyWestin Roswell 1-2
8:30 pmEditors and Agents Tell AllHyatt Embassy D-F
9:30 pmSteampunk BallWestin Peachtree Ballroom A-F


Monday is my free day, when I do whatever whim enters into my head. Like sleeping in, lunch with my local friends, and mostly wandering the dealer's rooms. So I have no planned events, but I will be there all day.

If you're going to Dragon*Con, are there any big panels/events that you are looking forward to?

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