Thursday, August 9, 2012


At one point, I am sure my plans for today's post were something thoughtful or geeky. But life has other plans. My brain can barely function to write this post, because work has recently been uber stressful.

I don't often talk about what I actually do on this blog, mainly because I worry about getting in trouble about saying too much or the wrong things. Not that I work on anything even remotely classified. Most of the stuff I work on you can find on public websites. But I just don't want to get in any sort of trouble, you know?

It's definitely fine to say I work on satellites. And in the past month, two of the satellites I work on decided to be tempermental and not work like they're supposed to. So I've been going crazy trying to balance the two satellites and figure out what's going on. While doing this, we've been getting ready for a big conference that starts next Monday. This conference also coincides with a big review of several other satellite programs. I have to read a ton of documentation and be prepared to discuss in detail the design of two satellites at this review. Two satellites that are not the satellites I mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Two different satellites.

As if all that wasn't enough, my contract ended (I'm a contractor) and a new contract started. This means that though I am still working the exact same job, the person who pays me is different. Essentially the government pays a company who still pays me. The government and myself haven't changed. Just the company in the middle. But this means I have to resign from my old company and get hired at a new company. So while I've got all this actual work I'm supposed to be doing, I also have to fill out all the paperwork for my resignation and all the paperwork for starting a new job. You know: retirement, insurance, etc. Because I work on a military base, I also have to do what we call the Scavenger Hunt. Basically I have to simultaneously out process for one job and in process for a new job, and this involves going around the base, running around to different people and buildings to get them to sign this form. It's exactly like a scavenger hunt across the base. 

So yeah, my life is stressful right now. 

But this too shall pass, and eventually I'll be done with the out/in processing and we'll figure out what's wrong with the satellites and after next week I won't need to worry about the conference anymore. 

But that's my story this week. Stress stress stress. Hope your weeks are going better!

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