Friday, June 11, 2010


This morning I went about my routine as normal - on time to get to work at 7:15 am, like I always do. At 6:45, I walked out to my car with keys in hand, ready to be off.

I stopped when I saw streaks of yellow on my car. Confusion was quickly followed by anger.

Someone had egged my car.

I then spent the next half an hour washing my car - making me later than normal to work.

Why would someone egg my car? It's so stupid. Practically no one in this city even knows me - so it's not that someone was mad at me. It was a stupid and random act.

What a great start to what's going to be an absolutely uplifting weekend! Hopefully when I head out tomorrow, dressed in mourning black, preparing myself mentally for Mike's memorial, I won't find my car egged again.

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