Thursday, June 24, 2010


So I've been thinking a lot about the mechanics of blogging and this blog in particular. This blog is supposed to mainly be my observations about life as an engineer, writer, and Christian. But my blogging seems to get unbalanced as I often focus on one thing or not the other. Part of this is because, well, my life is random and I only really want to write about things that are what I'm currently going through. However, I think I owe you - the reader - some consistency. So here is what I propose: a schedule*.

Writing. A post about what I'm writing, what I'm struggling with in my writing, things I think will help my writing stronger, or observations in the writings of others (by others I mean the authors of the published books I'm reading)

Engineering. A post about the latest technology, the woes of being a female engineer, work, and other topics related to being an engineer, etc.

Book Reviews! All the books I have read since the last Wednesday will be reviewed and posted on this day.

Random Thursday!

Random Friday!

So this gives us some tiny bit of schedule and consistency and lets me by random. Why no day devoted to God you ask? Well, because I don't want blog posts about God and being a Christian to become something I force myself to do - something I have to do if you will. So I will write as realizations that I feel I need to share hit me - I will write as I feel moved - not as I force myself too.

But before I commit to it for ever - here's your chance to say "yay" or "nay". Do you dislike this and prefer the completely random system? Would you rather only have one random day a week? (We've got to have at least that to compensate for the randomness of my mind). Any thoughts or feelings?


*This schedule is only affective for the summer. All bets are off when we hit August 23rd and school is back in session.

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