Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Book Review: Pretties

Title: Pretties
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Genre: Dystopian (YA)
Length: 370

Quality Rating: 8
Content Rating: PG

In this sequel to Uglies, Tally has "turned pretty", which doesn't just affect her looks. Her thoughts are "pretty" too, as in vapid and shallow. I greatly enjoyed this book - even more so than the original. I liked the pretty-speak that Westerfeld created - reminding me of a great dystopian work - 1984. I enjoyed following Tally as she fought to regain her intelligence and free-thinking, as she fought to once again be "ugly-thinking". I liked how this book pointed out even more of the flaws of their society, since Tally is now an insider. This book took the drama and fight of Uglies up a notch.

This book still gets a PG rating, though be warned that one of the characters goes a little crazy and starts cutting herself while trying to become "bubbly" - or clear thinking. There is also a brief mention of sex, too brief to make it PG-13. Language is minimal but this book does have a little more violence (like the cutting).

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