Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Work and Crutches

Work and crutches don't go well together.

At work I have this amazing ability to sneak about. You see the cube walls are like 5'5" and I'm 5'1". I can walk through the cubicle jungle without being noticed and completely sneak up on people. On crutches that is much more difficult. Everyone can hear my coming. They hear the steady click, click, click of my crutches.

It's strange because I was gone for a while and then I took yesterday off to recover from my broken foot. Today I was only doing a half day because I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon. I came into work as normal at 7:15 am. Only a few of the guys were in then, and they were the younger ones who already knew I broke my foot because of facebook. I then sat in my cube all morning doing work. I got up about half way through the morning to use the bathroom when a few more people noticed. Then when I left at noon, several more people noticed. I had to explain myself a hundred times.

I felt horrible and useless at work. I mean I work at a cube, so its not a big deal. However, I would need to speak with someone I work with. Usually I would get up and walk over to their cube. Today I had to call their desks and hope they answered. It's always much easier to get someone's assistance when you're standing next to their desk. People can ignore phones, but they cannot ignore people standing at the openings of their cube.

The doctor gave me a walking boot, and told me my break wasn't so bad that I could not walk on it. So tomorrow at work there will be no crutches. I will hope that its easier to sneak wearing a boot than it is on crutches.

I do love my ability to sneak.

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