Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dead Week

If you've never experienced a Georgia Tech Dead Week then I can't explain the madness to you.

I can't make you understand how professors aren't SUPPOSED to assign homework during dead week, give tests, or cover new materials, and yet....they do anyway.

I can't convey the despair that fills the campus.

If you came here, you could see our agony in our bloodshot eyes and smell the Red Bull on our breaths.

Oh the horror!

Rejoice, ye who have never suffered under the wrath of Dead Week, for ye will never know true despair and desperation. Rejoice, ye who have escaped and found solace in the world beyond Georgia Tech.

And ye who still suffer in torment, REPENT! FOR THE END IS NIGH!


Yeah...it's dead week. I can't be held accountable for anything I just wrote. My brain is oozing out of my ears and I'm trying to catch it in buckets, hoping to retain that bit of knowledge that will allow me to pass my finals.

And now I've procrastinated enough. Back to making the solutions for Homework 8, grading Homework 7, studying for EAS, and actually doing research.

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