Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seven Things?

My awesome CP (critique partner) Jamie did this "seven things her readers don't know about her" thing and tagged me in it, indicating I should probably do it too. So here I am, giving it a shot.

One would think this wouldn't be too hard. But I've been blogging for over four years now. So if you're a long time reader, some of these may be known to you. But some of them may be a surprise. 

1. I took piano lessons from age 5 to 14 and would have continued if not for the fact that piano lessons cost money and really there wasn't much more left for me to learn. I really love playing the piano, but I consider myself skilled rather than talented, meaning I can pick up almost any song given enough time. But I will have to practice it over and over and over and over and over and over again. Usually line by line. Just ask my little sister. It annoys her, a lot.

2. I wasn't just in marching band; I LOVED marching band. In fact, I loved marching more than I loved playing the clarinet, and certainly more than I loved concert band (though in concert band I played the bass clarinet which was pretty cool). My junior year in HS marching band I was section leader for the clarinets, and my senior year I was Woodwind Captain, pretty much the highest Woodwind rank outside of drum major. I did not try out for drum major or have any desire to be one, because drum majors don't march. Why on earth would I want a job that doesn't involve marching!?! I marched the first year of college at Georgia Tech, but then dropped out. Not because I liked marching any less, but because the GT marching band is more like a giant frat than a marching band, and I couldn't handle the fratness of it all.
Me and My Little Sis in High School Marching Band

The 2005 GT Clarinet Section

3. I've moved at least 16 times in my life. (It's possible there are moves I'm forgetting about.) This DOES NOT count dorms but rather every time my family has up and moved all of our belongings from one place of residence to another. To top it all off, I was born while my family was moving. They were moving from Corpus Christi, Texas to Sunnyvale, CA and they stopped in El Paso, Texas and had me. So though I was born in El Paso, I never lived there. I didn't even live in Texas until I was in the second grade. 

Also despite what movies and YA books will tell you, I loved moving as a kid and teen. It was like this huge grand adventure, a chance to re-invent yourself. And these days being anywhere longer than two years tends to feel stifling. I am a nomad at heart.

4. My Borg designation is 3 of 4. Meaning like Ender Wiggin, I am third. Unlike Ender Wiggin, I have a little sister.
My Borg Collective, circa 1990
I'm the one with the blonde hair.
My Borg Collective, circa 2012
Strangely, my hair is almost in the exact same style.

5. I have been inside the space shuttle. I have sat in the commander's seat. Be jealous.
Me in the Commander's Chair of the Space Shuttle Discovery.
Everyone who works in the shuttle has to wear those stylish bunny suits, unless they're in an astronaut suit of course.
6. I have never been to New York City. Someday I hope to fix this, but alas, that day is not today.

7.  I've been a Bridesmaid 5 times. 
Wedding #1: My Older Sis's Wedding. I was Maid of Honor.
So basically, this is my Borg Collective Wedding Style

Wedding #2: Meredith's Wedding!
I literally cried through the entire ceremony.

Wedding #3: Patti's Wedding!
In which I gave a speech that I'm not sure the groom will ever forgive me for.
Wedding #4: My amazingly awesome best friend's wedding.
In which we are super gangsta, and I was Maid of Honor

Wedding #5:
In which my two best Rocket Scientist friends (Luke and Sarah) got married to each other.
Their children will be scary smart, stunningly beautiful, and will undoubtedly take over the world.
I'm just warning you so you can prepare for it now.
I'm really not sure what being a Bridesmaid 5 times means for my romantic life. They say 3 times a bridesmaid never a bride, but no one has sayings for five times a bridesmaid!

And a bonus number eight:

8. Despite being a Rocket Scientist, I have never in my entire life wanted to be an astronaut. I've dreamed since I was 10 of being a scientist and engineer, the person who made the path for other people to go to space. I've always been fascinated by the planets and the stars--by the study of them. But I've never wanted to go there myself. I have a scientific spirit, not an exploring one. Others can go rough the wilds. Give me a lab.


  1. oo what a fun list! Your list is way cooler than mine! On a side note I always wanted to play the piano but never took lessons...

    1. Your list was cool!

      And you know, it's not too late to take piano lessons. :)