Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Spontaneous Adventure Part 2

So what did I do on my spontaneous adventure? Well, I could describe to you exactly what I did, or you could read the posts by Paul that already do that. So click here for what we did in New Mexico and here for what we did in Moab.

Since Paul does such a great job describing what we did, I'm just going to talk about the things we did that were new to me and how I felt about them.

1. Camping

Believe it or not, but before this trip, I'd never been camping. Luckily Paul knew this and instead of throwing me in the deep end, as so many of my other friends are wont to do when I try something new, he chose a campsite with a toilet. So not quite completely roughing it, but definitely rougher than I'm used to.

I really had fun, but I could also see camping being tedious if you go with the wrong people. (I can just imagine being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a group that made me feel super socially awkward. *shudders*)

Is camping something I see myself doing a lot in the future? Probably not a ton unless I somehow end up in a group of friends that does a lot of camping. But the key here is that I don't have to be afraid of camping anymore. I've done it once. It was a lot of fun. And I would do it again.

Though next time, I would pack more appropriately. I nearly froze to death because I packed for the desert of Moab and not the cold of the Colorado Mountains. My sleeping bag was not rated for such cold! I did survive and have fun, despite the cold, but for next time, I know better. 

2. Kayaking

I spent most of my life in coastal areas of our nation, due to my dad being in the Navy, so I'm fairly
comfortable in the water. So even though kayaking was completely new to me, it didn't scare me at all and I was pretty excited. And the excitement was totally warranted. Kayaking was so much fun! Granted Paul did most of the hard work, since he was in the back and had to do the actual steering, but I totally kept up with the paddling! (Seriously, I impressed myself with my ability to paddle.)

I wish the Colorado River had more rapids (in Moab it's only a 2 at it's worst, which is like nothing), and I wish the wind hadn't been so strong (whenever we stopped paddling the wind pretty much moved us backwards!), but it was still tons of fun. I would do it again in a heartbeat and am actually planning on looking into kayaking opportunities here in New Mexico. So yes, I would definitely do this again and am even looking into doing it again without friend influence.

As you can see in Paul's posts we also did a lot of other things, including hiking, but camping and kayaking were the two new experiences to me.I had a ton of fun, and it was a nice adventure!

Have any of you guys done anything adventurous this summer?

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