Friday, June 1, 2012

Still a Slacker

So I really thought I was going to have time yesterday to write a post. But as it is, it's 11:20 PM Mountain Time, which is 7:20 PM here in Hawaii where I just flew in. And I'm buschwacked. Seriously, all I want to do is fall in bed and go to sleep. I can't even entice myself to watch the first episode of Season 2 of Sherlock even though I just watched all of Season 1 on the plane and am newly addicted--and what about that cliff hanger?

And now my sentences aren't making sense.

So no real post today. I apologize.

I'm really trying to hold true to this Tuesday/Thursday posting things. Please just bear with me guys. This is my last trip until August (when my life will explode into a crazy amount of conferences, both legit for work and of the Science Fiction kind).

Thank you for your patience. And please forgive all typos/misspellings/errors in this post, because I'm so jet lagged I can barely see straight.

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