Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Burned Finger!

So this past Sunday I badly burned my finger. Like a second degree burn. It was a lot of fun. Luckily for my typing ability, ibuprofen is keeping the pain down for the most part and I can barely feel. I can also barely move the affected finger, which means this post will probably be short. Typing is possible but not easy.

Anyway, I moved into a new place, which means a new oven. I skipped church Sunday morning and spent the entire morning unpacking boxes. Around 1:00 pm I got hungry and decided to make Bagel Bites so I set the oven to heat. I had shoved my only pan in that weird drawer at the bottom of the oven while unpacking. Turns out, on this oven, that drawer heats up as much as the oven. I didn't know that. The thought did cross my mind to check, so touched the outside of the drawer and it wasn't hot at all. So I opened it up, grabbed a pan, and gave myself a really bad burn.

I immediately put it under flowing cool water (not frigid water! Never use ice on a burn! It's bad bad bad bad). Usually (for a first degree burn) you do that for about ten minutes and your fine. As I was watching it I noticed my skin was getting all really wrinkly and weird looking. So I figured I'd grab my cell phone and call my parents to see if I should be concerned. The six feet walk to my phone and back to the sink to shove my hand back under the water nearly killed me. The pain was searing. Awesome. 

So I then spent the next half hour on the phone with my parents trying to figure out how bad a burn needs to be to go to the ER. We decided it was a second degree burn and I needed to go. The problem? I live by myself. I couldn't keep my finger in cool water and drive myself. And it was Father's Day. So 80% of my friends had family they would be celebrating with. I hung up on my parents and called my friends without any local family. They didn't pick up. So I called my friends with local parents. They didn't pick up. I didn't want to call my friend with kids. So I started at the back of the list again. Luckily one of my friends answered and so graciously came for me.

I wanted to go to an urgent care facility and not the ER, because ER's are crazy. But turns out all the urgent care facilities are closed on Sunday so I ended up at an ER, which took forever. But eventually they gave me this wonderful magical cream for my finger that is sort of like the cream Katniss gets for her burn in The Hunger Games. So now my finger doesn't look terrible. Just sort of waxy. 

And after typing all that, it really hurts. Like sore all inside it and outside of it from all this stretching and working it to hard.

So there you have a rather pointless story about me burning my finger. All to explain why today's post isn't very amusing or meaningful. I apologize. I'll type Thursday's post over a longer period of time, like one paragraph an hour or something so as not to strain my finger.

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  1. LOL.I think I applied the same magic ointment on the body wax burn had. Amazing product really :)