Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Achieving Life Goals

There are many types of life goals. In my very first post of this blog, I listed my big three overarching life goals. However, there are some smaller life goals that aren't nearly as important or are merely building blocks to these big goals. For example, one of my life goals is to be invited to be a guest at Comic-Con. I see this as a stepping stone to my Hugo Award dream. Another smaller life goal of mine was to meet LeVar Burton, which I did at Dragon*Con this year. And yesterday, I unexpectedly met another life goal.

I came to school this morning an hour later than usual, because my 9:00 o clock meeting was canceled. I was strolling up to the AE building, when suddenly a student with a yellow bandanna tied around his upper arm dashed past me into the building, running as if his life depended on it. In a way, his life did. Today was the first day of Zombies versus Humans. Georgia Tech plays Zombies versus Humans every semester, and my friend Allison was looking forward to playing it this semester. However, it looked like she had missed the start, so instead of going straight to my office as normal when I entered the building, I went to Allison's office.

First off, I informed Allison she had missed the start of the game. She had already realized earlier that morning it was true. My grisly deed done, I went to head out of the office, when the undergrad at the undergrad desk stopped me by saying, "Did you hear Billy Nye is coming today at 12:30 today?"

Me: "Like to Georgia Tech?"

Undergrad: "Yeah, but to our conference room."

Me: "No way. No way is Billy Nye coming to our conference room."

But it was true! Bill Nye had lunch with my lab today, which isn't that many people. He came and we geeked out over several aerospace engineering concepts like adding ridges to motorcycle helmets to create turbulent flows and watching movies of old airliners doing barrel rolls. It was awesome.

And so another childhood dream and life goal fulfilled. I met Bill Nye! Woohoo!

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