Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogging, Schedules, and Inconsistency

I have been a fairly bad blogger for this sight when it comes to consistency. In the past month I have read far more than one book and yet I didn't post any of it. I received ideas for blog posts in my mind, but nothing came of them. I apologize. School has been absolutely crazy. We had our critical design review for research on March 1. Then came Midterms. Then came spring break - which was anything but a break for this grad student. It seems its always one thing or another.

I promise in the future to be better about blogging things. I'm going to try for a Tuesday/Thursday schedule (discounting book reviews which I post as soon as I finish reading a book). That's not a lot, but its all I can manage while in school. When I'm interning this summer, I will be able to blog more often.

My apologies. I am going to try to type up some more book reviews for the books I've read over the past month tonight. I recently read the entire Percy Jackson series as well as The Last Theorem by Frederick Pohl and Arthur C. Clarke. I might have read some other books as well, so I'll look through my shelves and see.

I hope you're March is going well.

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