Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I forgot

So I forgot to write up today's posts. I blame it on school. This week is often lovingly called "hell week" at Georgia Tech. I suppose its because officially during next week, "dead week", professors aren't supposed to assign homework or give tests, so this week is the week all that stuff would fall on. But in reality, the two weeks have sort of melded into one awful time period where everyone shuffles around campus like zombies.

But I only have five things left to do this semester and then I can call it a quits:

1) Homework due tomorrow (that I honestly haven't started yet)
2) Test on Friday
3) Paper due on Monday
4) Make a poster for final presentation
5) Statistics final exam

So if I can survive all that, it'll be summer and you guys know what that means! It means my Tuesday/Thursday blogging schedule will morph into a daily blogging schedule! (Or at least a Monday, Wednesday, Friday blogging schedule--I haven't decided yet).

So if my posting in the next three weeks is sporadic, I hope you'll forgive me. I'm sprinting to the end of the semester.

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