Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Book Review: Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time Book #13)

Title: Towers of Midnight
Author: Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
Genre: Fantasy ( the definition of epic)
Length: 843

Quality Rating: 9
Content Rating: PG-13

Read First: The entire Wheel of Time, starting with The Eye of the World and ending with The Gathering Storm

This is another book I read a while back but completely forgot to review, like Mockingjay; however, unlike Mockingjay this isn't because Towers of Midnight wasn't awesome. The Towers of Midnight was 100% awesome. My only critique was I got a little confused about the timelines. Rand's storyline is taking place at a very very different time from Perrin's, which I could tell because Tam al'Thor was in both...when he couldn't be. This made me confused as to when Mat's storyline was taking place. I'm not really sure I got closure on that front at all. However, there was lots of closure on other parts of the book. Can I just say I totally called it about Galad (not saying what--no spoilers) and that I KNOW WHO KILLED ASMODEAN. Though that last bit was totally a let down. I didn't even realize it was revealed until someone later posted about it on Brandon Sanderson's facebook page. (Yes, I'm a Brandon Sanderson stalker. Don't judge me. lol) However, it's totally in the Glossary--for those of you who want to sneak a peak. Anyway, back on topic. Brandon Sanderson has once again fulfilled all of my Wheel of Time dreams. I have great hopes for A Memory of Light and can't wait!

Like all of Wheel of Time books, this one gets a PG-13 rating for fantasy violence. I started reading Wheel of Time at 11, and it didn't scar me for life at all, so I recommend it for readers from middle school all the way up. For realz. My parents and I both read this series and have bonded over it a lot in the past decade. And in case you can't tell, I "heart" the Wheel of Time.

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