Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Schedule Reminder and a Few Notes

Recently, there's been a lot more traffic on this blog, so I just want to remind all of our newcomers of the schedule during the school year. While Georgia Tech is in session, I only post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't maintain an every day blogging style while being a grad student.

Also, for those of you new to the blog, I wanted to make a brief post about the focus of this blog. Generally my posts are about life as an Aerospace Engineer, a grad student at Georgia Tech, and an aspiring Science Fiction and Fantasy writer. I tend to talk a lot about scientific/engineering concepts, hopefully breaking them down so others can understand. I've also recently started a series called Engineering Spotlights, which is basically an interview of other fellow engineers. However, all of my engineering and writing talk is with an extreme Christian bias, since I am a born-again Bible beating Christian. Ok. I don't actually beat my Bible. I have way too much respect for books in general and way too much awe for the Word of God to start beating it. Not even really sure how that phrase came about.

This is not today's blog post, just a note. During the school year my blog posts tend to get posted in the evening, so expect the real post for today to be posted between six and ten tonight. The post will feature my amazing adventures at Dragon*Con this weekend. (Did I mention I am a nerd? A really really really big nerd.)

For more information on who I am check out this post, this post, this post, and my own personal engineering spotlight.

So in summary: I post every Tuesday and Thursday.

And please check back later for a post on Post-Dragon*Con Recovery.

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