Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Plans

It's December and that means....CHRISTMAS!!!

Unfortunately it also means finals. I can pretty much guarantee I won't post anything until after my finals next week. Luckily my finals end next Wednesday. So what do I plan to do with this blog during my abundant Christmas break?

Like most people I intend to do a few Christmas themed posts, as a sort of Christmas countdown. Be prepared for not just any Christmas themed posts. This December I will be discussing "Everything Important About Christmas I Learned From Christmas Movies" Or EIACILFM for short. Yeah, I need to work on the name. Classic Christmas movies such as A Christmas Story and The Year Without a Santa Claus will be featured as well as newer Christmas classics like The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Santa Clause. Be prepared. It's going to be fantastic.

So see you after finals and good luck with your own!

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