Saturday, May 30, 2009


I hate revising, which is a terrible thing. I have read many an author's and agent's blog, and I know that revising is half of writing a good book.

I actually don't mind proof reading, but that's not what I'm talking about. I read papers for my sister and my friends all the time, checking for grammar and punctuation errors. Reading my stories for grammar errors and typos is something I don't mind doing. What I do mind doing is revising. I hate trying to figure out if the original way I wrote the first paragraph is the best way or if I should rewrite it. I hate trying to figure out if my conversations sound real. I hate analyzing my characters and trying to figure out if they are acting as they should.

The reason why this is such a pressing topic for me right now is that I have a finished manuscript that I need to revise. I finished writing this manuscript in March. I then passed it out to a group of trusted, well-read friends who could proof read it for me. I made them each read the manuscript twice so they could check for grammar errors and typos but also check for plot and character issues. My friends who I entrusted are pretty amazing so they all gave me great advice. It was amazing how they all caught different mistakes and how different syntax or vocabulary issues stuck out to them. They did a great job and most all of them got the checked manuscripts back in a timely manner, in more than enough time that is for me to do my revisions. However, I have not done my revisions.

I need to. I need to revise my manuscript, to polish it, so that I can start querying. I would hate to make the number 1 error of querying: querying before I have a polished manuscript. I would never do an agent that disservice, to waste their time and mine.

This summer is the perfect time for me to revise my manuscript. I'm not stressed by school, and I have time after work. But I have yet to start and its been summer for a month.

I hope to start revising today. I need to start revising today. I am determined. As I revise, I will let you all know how it goes. I will also be letting you in on my query process, when I reach that step.

A writer's work is never done.

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